Pajonsuk Interview August 2005

by Rob Cox

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk S.K.V is fast becoming one of the names to watch in Europe right now after a series of fine performances , showcasing his formidable talents.

Pajonsuk started practicing MuayThai at the tender age of 6, at Lukprabart camp, one of the top camps in Thailand. He soon started to carve out a reputation as one of the names to watch, winning the Thailand championship title at 28, 32 and 35 kiloís. Pajonsukís career progressed to the main Bangkok stadiums and eventually got the chance at winning a Lumpini title, Pajonsuk grasped his chance with both hands winning on points against Kaolan Kaowichit and was crowned Lumpini stadium welterweight champion.
Pajonsuk also got the chance to represent his country in the sport of Wushu, a style similar to Muaythai and he trained at the Thai national team training camp for a year.While there Pajonsuk won the Gold medal at the SEA games in Malaysia and then went on to win the gold in the ASEAN games in Pusan, South Korea. As Pajonsukís career in Thailand progressed it became more and more difficult for him to find fights due to his size, before long the decision was made to fight overseas, bringing in the chance to test his talents against the worlds best.

Muaythaionline caught up with Pajonsuk recently and got the chance to ask him a few questions about his career and his hopes for the future.

MTO: You have been competing exclusively overseas from Thailand for some time now, would you liketo return to fight in Thailand again.
Pajonsuk: Yes both myself and my manager would like to get the chance for me to fight Jean Charles Skarbowsky, though im not sure if it would happen as I have moved up a bit in weight now.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk versus Vincent Vielvoye

MTO: O.k supposing this fight with him came off, how would you approach the fight?
Pajomsuk: I have a lot of respect for Jean Charles Skarbowsky and he has beaten some big names. I would not take the fight lightly and come into the ring in the best shape possible. I would also work a lot on my elbows before the fight.

MTO: How difficult is it for you when you go to fight outside of Thailand? What with the climate change, different rules and often differences in weight between you and your opponents.
Pajonsuk: The rule changes and climate are not so hard to overcome. The most difficult thing for me to overcome is acclimatising to the time difference. I often get to Europe only a few days before the fight and although the fights are on at a time I would fight back home in Thailand, the time difference actually means I am fighting with my body thinking it is the early hours of the morning, at a time I am usually fast asleep.

MTO: Do you approach your fights abroad differently to when you were competing regularly on the Bangkok fight circuit?
Pajonsuk: I had to train harder for the fights in Thailand, especially when it came to clinch work. Now for fights abroad I tend to work on my hands more than I would for fights at home.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk versus Vincent Vielvoye

MTO: Would you like the chance to fight in K1 or K1-MAX like your fellow country men Buakao and Kaoklai?
Pajonsuk: I would love to, I will fight wherever the money is and would love a chance to fight Buakao and Kaoklai also.

MTO: What do you most want out of the sport?
Pajonsuk:To be honest to earn plenty of money so I can have a comfortable life after my fight career is over. The titles and awards are nice but they donít put food on the table.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk versus Vincent Vielvoye

MTO: Who do you want to fight most right now?
Pajonsuk: Kaoklai Kannorasing

MTO: What do you want to do after your fight career is over?
Pajonsuk: I would like to work training fighters, preferably in Holland.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk versus Vincent Vielvoye

MTO: Of all the counties you have been to in your career, which one do you like the most?
Pajonsuk: Holland,the Dutch people always make me feel very welcome and give me a lot of support.

MTO: What about MMA? Itís a fast growing sport with the potential for big rewards. Could you see yourself competing in MMA at any point in the future?
Pajonsuk: Yes itís a definate possibility that my management team have talked of. Most probably in the U.S. I would want to work on the ground fighting side of the sport first though.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk versus Vincent Vielvoye

MTO: You were recently training with the Thai amatuer boxing team, what was that for?
Pajonsuk: I was training at the team camp in Khorat province, with the possibility of representing Thailand in the Kings cup amatuer boxing tournament. I had to pull out though as had a commitment to fight in Holland.

MTO: Whatís your favorite style of fighter to come up against?
Pajonsuk: I like a come forward stlye of fighter that brings the fight to me.

MTO: Whats your least favorite style?
Pajonsuk: I donít like to fight technical fighters, the same style as me. The styleís often clash and are hard to fight.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk Entrance versus Tarik Slimani

MTO: Who is your most common opponent?
Pajonsuk: Kaolan, I fought him 4 times beating him once for the Lumpini title and losing 3.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk versus Tarik Slimani

MTO: Who has been your biggest influence in the sport?
Pajonsuk: That would be Jongrak Lukprabart.When I was a young up and coming fighter he was one of the stars of the current Bangkok fight scene and training alongside him was a big inspiration.

Pajonsuk SKV
Pajonsuk weighing in for It's Showtime
MTO: Who do you think is the top fighter in Thailand now?
Pajonsuk: Anuwat Kaewsamrit, heís the fighter everyone wants to watch.

MTO: Who was your hardest fight in Thailand?
Pajonsuk: Thongthai Por Burapha

MTO: Who has been your toughest foreign opponent?
Pajonsuk: That would be Hollandís Ryan Simpson.

MTO: How did you feel about the decision in that fight?
Pajonsuk: I felt if it had been in Thailand I would have won but lost due to the rule differences that took a little of my game away, full credit to Ryan Simpson though he was a tough opponent.

Pajonsuk with Buakao
Pajonsuk with Buakao

MTO: What do you do outside of MuayThai?
Pajonsuk: I raise some cattle back home in Lopburi province.

MTO: What about for recreation?
Pajonsuk: I liketo play football and also watch it on t.v, especially Man Utd and Ruud Van Nistelroy.

MTO:Is there anyone you would like to thank for helping you in your career?
Pajonsuk: Yes first and foremost my manager Mr KranWuthinam or Lek S.K.V gym, all the people at Lukprabart gym, where I started my career and Mr John Chin of S.T.B fightgear, for helping me out a lot with my career in Holland.

MTO: Thank you very much for your time.
Pajonsuk:Thank you

Pajonsuk with Big Ben
Pajonsuk with Big Ben, Master Lek and John Chin

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