Sahin Yakut ("Kaas") Interview January 2006

Sahin Kaas Yakut
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut - Picture courtesy of Thai- & Kickbox SuperLeague

Sahin "Kaas" Yakut is one of Holland's top middleweight fighters with over 80 fights to his name. Down to earth and honest this interview took place with Sahin at the end of October last year. Known as "Kaas" to his fans, which is Dutch for cheese, his nickname comes from the many classy performances he has given fighting out of Gym Alkmaar. He is a regular Superleague fighter and also fought on the last It's Showtime Amsterdam Arena show against Ali Gunyar.

Kaas vs Fidan photos by Mama MixFight.nl

MTO: How many fights have you had now?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: 85 fights 66 wins 4 draws 12 losses with 40+ KOs

MTO: When did you start fighting?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: When I was 14 years old. I'm now 26.

Sahin Kaas Yakut
MTO: When was your first title fight?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: 2002 againt a Slovenian fighter. Kasper something.

MTO: How many titles have you now?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: I only have European titles but I don't care about the titles you know. At the moment everybody has titles.

MTO: What motivates you when fighting?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: The motivation for me is for my trainer for my manager to make a good fight for them. They are the most important people for me.

MTO: Where?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: I competed in the world amateur championships there when I was 17 but I hope at some point to fight in Lumpini or Rajdamnern.

Sahin Kaas Yakut

MTO: What has been your hardest fight?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: It was against Perry Ubeda, he kicked my arse! It was full contact kickboxing rules though and I hate kickboxing - I don't like fighting without knees, without low kicks. That fight was in 2002.

MTO: What has been your favourite fight for you?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: Against Diender.

MTO: Who are your favourite fighters?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: My brother Pislik and Enri

MTO: What about around the world who are your favourites?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: Buakao, Shakuta and of course I like Drago!

MTO: What fights do you have lined up now?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: Portugal superleague on 9th November and the It's Showtime Trophy tournament in Czech Republic on 18th December.

MTO: Do you think the tournament will be hard for you because it's higher than your normal weight?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: No because I used to fight at 76 kilos only the last two to three years have I fought at 72.5 kilos.

Sahin Kaas Yakut

MTO: Who do you think are the bext fighters in the world at your weight?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: At 72 I think Tyrone Spong (though now he is moving up to 76), Imro Main and Lima are all very good.

MTO: What do you think of the Superleague as a promotion?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: Fighting on it is very good for your name because of the TV exposure and all the rest of it.

Sahin Kaas Yakut

MTO: Would you prefer if it was with elbows?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: I don't care if a fight is with elbows or not to be honest.

MTO: Out of all the different shows out there Superleague, K1, It's Showtime etc which do you think is the best?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: The best is Simon Rutz promotions because the show is good and includes everything music, light shows etc. It's a great event for spectators.

MTO: Would you like to fight in England?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: Yes I'd love to fight there, I've never been to England before.

MTO: What do you think of English fighters?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: I think the level is lower than many other European countries. I've seen a lot of English guys fight and when they fight the top in Holland they lose every time. I hope the standard will go up there.

MTO: Which do you think are the best countries then?
Sahin "Kaas" Yakut: Holland and Thailand. Any weight 70 kilos and below Thailand is the best and then above 70 Holland has the best fighters. 10 years ago it was France but now it is Holland.

Sahin Kaas Yakut

Sahin Kaas Yakut
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