Dean White's Show 15th July 2001 Painthorpe Cricket Club, Wakefield, England

Dean White held an excellent well run show on 15th July in Wakefield. The main events were English/British title fights as well as an international match between England's Fash Ferdowsian and Belgium's Nico Van Hoeyweghan.
Results are below with photos - more to follow.

Before the fights started there was a demo by a Nongkee Pahayuth fighter and a Belgian fighter.

Liam Harrison (Bad Company) bt Glen Cashmore (Wicker Camp) pts

Tye Williams (Nongkee Pahayuth) bt David Clayton (Sitnarong Scarborough) tko1

Nicola Fearnley (Bad Company) bt Mandy Abel (Sitnarong Scarborough) pts

Lee Maggs (Nongkee Pahayuth) bt Stephane Kempeneers(Belgium)

Full Thai Rules:
Fash Ferdowsian (Master Chana's, Preston) drew Nico Van Hoeyweghan(Belgium)

WPKL English Title fight:
Scott Chadwick (Sitnarong) bt Richard Cadden (Bad Company) pts

Full Thai Rules:
Simon Crockford (Golden Bear Leeds) bt Jeff Greenbank pts

WPKL British Title Fight:
Mathew Johnson (Master Chana's Preston) bt Imran Khan (Sheffield) pts


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