Bad Company Fight Night, Town Hall, Leeds 29th April

This was a promotion by Bad Company Gym in association with Showsport International, featuring many of the local gyms fighters. The main events were Lisa Houghton-Smith (the Bad Company instructor) fighting for a WAKO-pro world title against Asako Kamio of Japan and Karen Harding (Scorpions, Surrey) fighting for a commonwealth title against Sinead Gibeney of Sheffield.

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The referee for the evening was John Blackledge.

Junior Title Defence: Jordan Watson vs Jon Dennis

Jordan Watson (Bad Company, Champion) VS Jon Dennis (Spartan, Middleton) 5x1.5mins

This was a no head contact junior title bout. Dennis opened well with a running low kick to start the first bout of the title. both fighters were light on their toes with a dynamic attacking style. The first round was fairly even with lots of kick combinations traded.

Rnd 2 : There was lots more clinching this round with Watson scoring more with right side knees. About halfway through the round Dennis dropped Watson twice with nice low kicks but Watson then got back on top in the clinch.

Rnd 3: This round followed a similar pattern to the previous round. Dennis again having the better low kicks but Watson scoring well in the clinch.

Rnd 4 : Both fighters kept their distance this round whilst Watson looked to avoid trading low kicks and shutting down the distance to clinch but Dennis using good footwork to keep away.

Rnd 5 : Watson was once more stronger in the clinch this round turning Dennis around and kneeing him continuously to wear him down. Some nice low kicks by Dennis to the end of the fight. Both lads showed some good technique and will we well worth watching in the future.
Decision : Win to Watson.

Mark Lee vs Grant Fielding

Mark Lee - Bad Company VS Grant Fielding - SIMTA, Bradford
Rnd 1 : Fielding was the early aggressor in this fight using a long guard and coming in a lot. About half way through the round Lee did a nice catch and drop. Lee was on top shortly with some nice straight punch low kick combos but Fielding came back with some heavy punches.

Rnd 2 : Lee kick opened with style with a 1,2 low kick combination. Lee then showed some nice foot work by switching from right to left kick. Fielding was however coming forward all the time taking the fight to Lee. A nicely timed low kick by Lee dropped fielding to the floor near the end of the round.

Rnd 3: This was a slower final round with both fighters getting very tired.

Decision: Win to Mark Lee

WAKO-pro British Title (Full Thai Rules) Matt Beer vs Daniel Hudson

Matt Beer - Spartan, Middleton VS Daniel Hudson - Wicker Camp, Sheffield
Matt Beer took this fight at short notice and Daniel Hudson looked significantly bigger.
Rnd 1 : Beer opened with a low kick, Hudson coming back with a punch, high kick combo. Hudson's 1m2 low kick combo was then replied to with a spinning elbow by Beer. Beer then came in punching with Hudson backing off but then gaining ground back with some well timed kicks. A jumping downward elbow by Beer then missed and then the fighters went into the clinch. this was nice opening round with better combos by Hudson but Beer showing a good range of techniques.

Rnd 2 : Hudson again started with punch kick combos. Beer scored with two strong left inside low kicks before Hudson shut the space down to clinch and landing and ax elbow to the Beer's collar bone. The fighters then broke apart and Beer missed with a jumping downward elbow.

Rnd 3: Beer opened the round well with a feinted elbow and then driving the right knee home. The fighters then traded kicks before Beer connected with a spinning elbow. Again Hudson produced some good punch kick combos. Hudson was on top now punching Beer and then attacking with several right elbows. The fighters broke apart and then Hudson came straight back in with a right elbow, left uppercut elbow,right elbow cutting Beer and causing the fight to be stopped.

3rd round TKO to Daniel Hudson.

WAKO-pro English title (55Kg): Andy Howson vs Dave Edwards

Andy Howson - Bad Company VS Dave Edwards - Birmingham

Rnd 1 : Edwards was significantly smaller than Howson and Howson must have struggled to make the weight, but Edwards did have more experience. The fight opened cautiously with both fighters taking their time. A boxing combo by Howson dropped Edwards towards the end of the round but he got straight back up.

Rnd 2: Howson spent much of this round using his longer legs to keep Edwards away.

Rnd 3: Howson started with some scrappy boxing but had the higher work rate and was landing more. A left body kick, right high kick from Howson then gave Edwards an eight count. More swinging punches followed by a right high kick, left uppercut by Howson gave Edwards another count. Howson then clinched Edwards and several right knees by Howson caused the ref to stop the fight.
3rd round TKO to Andy Howson

David Cronin vs Tye Williams

David Cronin - Wolfpack, Warrington VS Tye Williams - Nongkee Pahayuth, Wakefield
Rnd 1 : The fighters exchanged kicks and then went into the clinch. This was followed by an exchange of heavy punch and then more clinching followed by low kicks. A heavy left hand by Williams then dropped Cronin and ended the fight.

1st round KO to Tye Williams.

Liam Harrison vs Rhys Crooke

Liam Harrison - Bad Company VS Rhsy Crooke - Trojan, Wolverhampton
Rnd 1: Harrison scored early on with a nice overhand right but there was then a good catch by Crooke. However Harrison then caught Crooke's returning kick and dropped him to the floor. The fighters then spent a long time in the clinch scoring evenly with side knees.

Rnd 2: Crooke stalked Harrison around the ring a lot this round with Harrison throwing lots of left kicks trying to stay out of trouble. There was a brief clinch before Harrison doubled up his left kicks well. Crooke still spent the rest of the round stalking the weary looking Harrison.

Rnd 3: A strong opening kick by Crooke was caught but he then scored with a good right hand. There were a lot of strong low kicks exchanged this round and a nice right cross by Harrison pushed Crooke back before more kicks were exchanged.

Rnd 4: There was a lot of boxing as the early part of this round turned into a real tear-up. There was then a catch and clinch by Crooke before Crooke again started stalking Harrison round the ring.

Rnd 5: Crooke scored early with 2 good knees. Harrison then got in a good left high, left low kick combo. Crook was a gain stalking with Harrison spending a lot of time in the corner. A fierce exchange of punches finished a very exciting fight.
Decision: Draw

WAKO-pro World Title Fight: Lisa Houghton-Smith vs Asako Kamio

Lisa Houghton-Smith - Bad Company, Leeds VS Asako Kamio - Japan
This fight was under WAKO-pro women's rules with no elbows or knees to the head. Rnd 1 : Kamio opened the fight jabbing the air but landing low kicks. Houghton was relaxed teeping away and landing the stronger low kicks of the two fighters. As the round progressed Houghton stepped up the attacks with nice hand and feet combos. A low kick just before the bell went caused Kamio's hands to drop.

Rnd 2 : Houghton opened with a 1,2 left body kick. Kamio coming back with a nice jab. However a jab by Houghton then pushed Kamio back. Again it was jab, jab form Houghton not letting Kamio any where near her. 2 right hands pushed Kamio across the ring followed by a left body kick.

Rnd 3: Kamio opened the round jabbing the air again. Houghton came in with a swift left low kick right cross before dominating with the jab again. 2 left body kicks by Houghton caused Kamio's guard to drop and 2 right crosses then gave Kamio an eight count. Houghton's left knee then continually damaged Kamio before a right kick dropped her at the end of the round.

Rnd 4: A jab and a left body kick that caused Kamio to double over made the referee step in and stop the fight 14 seconds into the round. Far too easy for Houghton.

4th round TKO to Lisa Houghton, winning her second world title.

Vacant WAKO-pro 55Kg commonwealth title: Karen Harding vs Sinead Gibney

Karen Harding - Scorpions, Surrey VS Sinead Gibney - Wicker CAmp, Sheffield 5 x 2 muaythai

Rnd 1 : The girls opened exchanging punches with a nice right cross from Harding who spent most of the first round pushing Gibeney back with straight punch low kick combos..

Rnd 2 : Again straight punches reigned in on Gibney as Harding followed her around the ring punching and exchanging low kicks.

Rnd 3: A left low kick by Harding dropped Gibney but she got straight back up. Harding then continued the pressure with more straight punches. A nice 1,2 low kick by Gibeney scored before a brief spell of clinching. The clinch was fairly even both girls scoring lots with knees.

Rnd 4: Harding scored with a good low kick to open what was a fairly open round with both fighters trading kick and punch combos.

Rnd 5: The fighters spent a lot of this round in the clinch both scoring with knees. Towards the end of the fight jabs by Harding pushed Gibney's head back.
Unanimous Decision to Karen Harding the new commonwealth champion.

Richard Cadden vs Mark Brown

Richard Cadden - Wolfpack, Warrington VS Mark Brown - Dragons, Maryport
Rnd 1 : Richard Cadden started off cockily faking before Brown scored with a clinch and knee. A well timed right body kick by Cadden toBrown's ribs dropped Brown for the eight count. Brown came back with straight punches but a right knee to the same spot as the left body kick by Cadden followed by left knees had Brown in trouble with a following right hand dropping Brown for another count. The next time Brown was caught by a right hand and dropped the referee waved the fight over.

1st round TKO to Richard Cadden.


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