Amazing Muaythai Fight Night II, Destinys Nightclub, Watford 3rd June

This was a promotion by Ralph Beale and Paul Taylor of the local Minotaurs Gym. The event consisted of mainly C-class bouts with the main events being Amir Subasic vs Andre McIntyre and Onderej Huntno vs Kieran Keddle. Asa Zamani (Warrington) was scheduled to fight Aaron Holmes (Keddles Gym). However Holmes came in 4 kilos overweight and the fight was cancelled.
Attending the event and assisting with the refereeing was Stefan Fox, the International Co-ordinator for the World Muaythai Council.

The referees for the evening were Mike Haslam and Stephan Fox.

Nick Wilson vs Paul Young

Nick Wilson (Minotaur Gym) VS Paul Young (Maryport Gym, Cumbria) 3x2mins 69Kg

Rnd 1: There was an even exchange of kicks before the popular Wilson threw Young to the floor twice from the neck wrestle. The round consisted of mainly boxing from both fighters with a fairly even exchange of straight punches. Rnd 2 : Young started the round well using his jab to good effect but Wilson was coming back with the harder punches. There was lots of clinchwork, which was again fairly even. A nice jab by Wilson at the end of the round put Young's head back.

Rnd 3: Wilson was trying to avoid Young's straights and was scoring with selective kicks before landing a strong left knee. Both fighters were very tired towards the end of this round and were mainly clinching with WIlson scoring far more with knees.

Decision: Win to Wilson

Robbie Scott vs Ferhart Kalay

Robbie Scott - Minotaur Gym VS Ferhart Kalay - KO Gym, London 3x2mins 60Kg

Rnd 1 : There was a high paced start with Scott looking very psyched up but Kalay the more relaxed. The pace continued throughout the entire round with a vicious barrage of punches from both fighters.

Rnd 2 : Again a fast pace with lots of wild but exciting punches being thrown. The pace started to slow in the second part of the round with the fighters calming down and trying to pick their shots more.

Rnd 3: There was an early exchange of low kicks to open the round before both fighters went back to their boxing. It was the strong right crosses of Scott vs the nice clean jabs by Kalay with Scott scoring well with punches towards the end.
Decision: Win to Robbie Scott

Donnell Mitchell vs Terry Wallington

Donnell Mitchell - Minotaur Gym VS Terry Wallington - Keddles, Kent 3x2mins 70Kg
Rnd 1 : There was a nice mix of punches and kicks by Mitchell with Wallington landing some heavy low kicks.

Rnd 2 : Kicks were exchanged evenly throughout this round until Mitchell missed and Wallington timed a nice running low kick.

Rnd 3 : There was a brief timeout before Mitchell then banged in 4 low kicks in a row. Wallington replied well with some well timed running low kicks.
Decision: Win to Donnell Mitchell

Sonja Hoeben vs Hayley Moss

Sonja Hoeben - Minotaur Gym VS Hayley Moss - Warrington Muaythai 3x2mins 49Kg
Rnd 1 : The early punches of Moss were going through Hoeben's guard as she scored with low kicks. One cross went through resulting in a count for Hoeben though she appeared untroubled. Lots of punches were exchanged with not much kicking by Moss.

Rnd 2 : There was an early exchange of kicks before punches from both girls putting their heads back. Both girls showed a lot of heart that continued into the next round though it was mainly punches with the odd weak low kick thrown in.

Rnd 3 : Hoeben took the fight to Moss but Moss was defending well finding her defensive range with teeps. Both girls were exhausted by the end of this fight!
Decision: Win to Hailey Moss

John McNab vs Leon Chaviller

John McNab - Minotaur Gym VS Leon Chaviller - KO Gym, London 3x2mins 67Kg

Rnd 1: Chaviller started well with lots of low kicks and McNab just throwing big right hands. Eventually one of these went through catching Chaviller and knocking him out.

1st Rd KO to John McNab.

Mark Bustamante vs Luke Sullivan

Mark Bustamante - Minotaur Gym VS Luke Sullivan - Nomads, Herts 3x2mins 72Kg
Rnd 1 : Bustamante started laying in right from touching gloves but Sullivan replied with some strong kicks against the good handwork of Bustamante. The fighter then went into the clinch for an even exchange of knees.

Rnd 2 : Bustamante picked his punches well this round whilst in the clinch Sullivan produced some cracking left knees that did a lot of damage.

Rnd 3 : Again Sullivan continued to be dominant in the clinch with some hard and stylish knees whilst Bustamante tried to keep his distance and score with low kicks. A right cross by Bustamante put Sullivan's head back. Decision: Win to Luke Sullivan

Rebecca Donnerly vs Jane Stephenson

Rebecca Donnerly - Bromley Muay Thai VS Jane Stephenson - Maryport Gym, Cumbria 3x2mins 57Kg
Rnd 1 : Donnerly had a bouncy style looking ready to attack at any point. The round started with the strong low kicks of Stephenson against the hard straight punches of Donnerly. Both girls then stepped in and threw low kicks which resulted in a clash of legs and Stephenson let out a scream and went down and the fight was stopped.

1st Rd TKO to Rebecca Donnerly

Gareth Hannon vs Colin Hendry

Gareth Hannon - Minotaur Gym VS Colin Hendry - King Cobra, London 3x2mins 67Kg
Rnd 1 : There were strong right low and body kicks by Hannon whilst Hendry was boxing more. One kick from Hannon dropped Hendry to the floor but he was straight back up on his feet. Hendry replied with straight punches but none of them were landing cleanly.

Rnd 2 : There was initially a faster pace to this round before the fighters went into the clinch for most of the round with Hannon being the more aggressive toward the end.

Rnd 3 : Hendry produced some nice punches leading into the clinch and then throwing some good knees until Hannon threw him to the floor.
Decision: Win to Gareth Hannon

Stuart Wilkinson vs Richard Fenwick

Stuart Wilkinson - Minotaur Gym VS Richard Fenwick - Woking Muay Thai 3x2mins 72Kg
Rnd 1 : The fighters went straight into the clinch resulting in a throw by Fenwick. The fighters were straight back into the clinch with a nice knee by Fenwick and then another neck wrestle and throw to follow up. Suddenly Wilkinson stepped in with a left hand resulting in an 8 count for FEnwick. Fenwick then did a nice catch and drop to finish the round.

Rnd 2 : The early punches in this round were landed by Wilkinson with both fighters producing some nice kicks.

Rnd 3 : There was a furious attack by Fenwick before a timeout for a knee to the groin. Both fighters then exchanged kicks and punches before the fight was stopped due to another hit to the groin which was hard to see. The fight was stopped 1:30s into the round and a decision was given based upon points up until that time.
Decision: Win to Stuart Wilkinson

Phil McAlpine vs Paul Dewberry

Phil McAlpine - Bromley Muay Thai VS Paul Dewberry - Keddles, Kent 5x2mins 72Kg
Rnd 1 : Dewberry started with an aggressive in and out attacking style with McAlpine defending all the time and teeping away. McAlpine produced a nice catch at the end of the round.

Rnd 2 : There was an even exchange of kicks and punches with Dewberry's guard getting lower and lower throughout the round. Dewberry looked more aggressive towards the end of the round though but looked tired.

Rnd 3 : Dewberry came out throwing straight punches but McAlpine took his time picking his low kicks and this continued throughout the round with Dewberry's left leg looking like it would go at the end.

Rnd 4 : Dewberry retired early during this round after having his left leg hammered by McAlpine.

4th TKO to Phil McAlpine

Amir Subasic vs Andre McIntyre

Amir Subasic - Bosnia VS Andre McIntyre - 3D Gym, Reading 5x2mins 87Kg
Rnd 1 : This was mainly a very relaxed feeling out round with both fighters trying high kicks and very few punches being thrown.

Rnd 2 : McIntyre looked stronger in the clinch in this round and relaxed through out spending his time covering when Subasic came at him and then countering.

Rnd 3 : This round McIntyre was looking to shut the space down and go into the clinch blocking Subasic's kicks. McIntyre threw a nice high kick whilst catching Subasic's body kick but the ref stopped it there because of the catch. At the end of the round McIntyre caught Subasic with a left low kick and then produced what can only be described as a left arm clothesline to put Subasic to the floor.

Rnd 4 : There were lots of low kicks exchanged at the start of this round. McIntyre's high kicks were then blocked with Subasic using his hands more. McIntyre caught Subasic at the end of the round and unsettled him but he was saved by the bell.

Rnd 5 : McIntyre opened with a high kick and then the fighters went into the clinch. Coming out McIntyre produced a well timed right flying punch that unsettled Subasic. Then a timeout was called for something that caught Subasic's eye which had to be checked. McIntyre then upped the pace looking to finish catching Subasic with a right hook but oddly there was no count. However a few blows later the referee stepped in and stopped the fight. 5rd TKO to Andre McIntyre
This was McIntyre's first fight after a year out.

Onderej Huntno vs Kieran Keddle

Onderej Huntno - Czech Republic VS Kieran Keddle - Keddles Gym, Kent 5x3mins 67Kg Full Thai Rules
Rnd 1 : This was a very feeling out round with the taller Czech throwing lead leg teeps and Keddle throwing roundhouse kicks. There was a nice kick by Huntno and at the end of the round Keddle complained for getting hit after the bell went and Huntno carried on for a few seconds give Keddle a small cut on the eye with an elbow.

Rnd 2 : A lot of this round was spent in the clinch with Huntno looking the stronger and scoring more. There was a nice catch by Keddle putting Huntno off balance but he was unable to follow up and take advantage.

Rnd 3 : Keddle was ready well before the end of the break pacing round his corner. As the bell went there was a brief neck wrestle before Keddle caught Huntno's high kick but again did not follow up. Both fighters went into the clinch again with each fighter looking to elbow. Keddle scored with an axe elbow that resulted in a cut above Huntno's left eye but the doctor said he was okay to carry on. This time as the bell went Keddle continued afterwards with elbows..

Rnd 4 : Huntno opened with a body kick that was caught with Keddle who scored with a low kick before going into the clinch. There was no boxing during the entire round and very few low kicks with both fighters just looking to clinch all the time.

Rnd 5 : Keddle threw several axe elbows in a row though there was little power in them. However a powerful side elbow came close to landing. Keddle then tried a spinning punch which nearly connected. Huntno spent the round listening well to his corner until the bell went. Overall an interesting fight to watch due to the Czech's southpaw stance and different to style though to be honest there were little low kicks and virtually no boxing. Decision: Draw.

Overall in terms of quality of promotion this was a very well run show though there were too many C-class fights.


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