Results from Ali Jacko's show

Full report to follow shortly:

Full Thai Rules:
Liam HarrisonV Kiawsot- Harrison Wins by KO Round 5
Sak Nayagam V Teerapong - Teerapong gets points decision
Steve Wakeling V Kevin Harper - Harper wins after Wakeling gets 1st round injury
Darren Balshaw V Pi Daeng - Balshaw wins by 4th Round Ko

Full Contact Kickboxing:
Riad Azzawi V John Sheilds - Riad gets points decision
Stuart Lawson V Michal Dickes - Lawson Points

Full Thai Rules:
Frankie Hudders V Roungsak - Draw
Damien Trainor V Rougnchi -Rougnchi win withs Trainor not coming out for the third due to a cut
Kieren Kedde V Denchai -Denchai winsRd 2, Keddle Injured


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