Bad Company Show, Royal Armouries

Part 2, 10 October 2004

Part 2

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Referee: Tony Myers
Judges: Warren Smith, Nigel Howlett, Liam Robinson

Fight 7.B-class 5X2min at 61kg
Jordan Watson (Bad Company) v Mark Howie (Darlington)

As these two squared off Howie had a definite height and reach advantage. Both did ram muays and Howie's was certainly novel and entertaining though Watson appeared unfazed.

Watson opened the fight with a relaxed easy teep, just finding his range.Watson then caught Howie's right body kick and landed two low kicks of his own. Howie then blocked Watson's third low kick and scored with one of his own. Watson then switched to hands throwing a hard right cross that lead into the clinch. As the fighters seperated Howie sent a high kick sailing right over the top of Watson's head giving Watson time to step in and scored with a low kick. So that Watson couldn't score further with kicks Howie grabbed on and began to score well with the knee. Seperated Watson threw again mroe low kicks and Howie again grabbed on. This time Watson scored with right hopping side knees of his own. Seperated Watson landed two more low kicks. Howie answered with a 1,2 straight combination. Watson now started to go forward now with two good combinations and the crowd roared appreciatively.

Howie started the second more aggresive with a 1, 2 body kick combination. Watson teeped twice to keep him at bay and then Howie shut the rang and went into the clinch, both fighters scored with a clean knee before Howie turned Watson and let him go. Watson landed a low kick before Howie went straight back into the clinch throwing lots of hopping knees. The fighters seperated briefly and Watson had his high kick blocked before once more clinching and both fighters throwing lots of knees. The round ended with Watson landing a right cross to Howie's chin.

First to throw a technique in the third was Howie with a left body kick which Watson blocked and Watson then came straight forward at him. A teep followed by a low kick by Watson both scored and Howie's answering right cross failed to score. Needing this round Howie came forward with a 1, 2 straight punch and then grabbing Watson and throwing him to the floor. Watson then turned Howie himself throwing a kick off the turn. Howie ignored the kick and landed a right low kick. Watson answered with kicks of his own throwing a left body kick, right low kick combination. Howie landed a body kick of his own and then scored a lot with knees in the clinch. This was a good round by both fighters and Howie looked stronger at the end of the round landing both punches and kicks.

Howie opened the fourth scoring with a left low kick followed by a right high kick. Both fighters seemed to prefer kicking at the start of the round, each throwing a mix of kicking techniques. Watson threw a 1,2 straight punch but Howie was now the aggressor with the range advantage and was using it well. Both scored with knees in the clinch but at the distance Howie was going forward more because of using his range advantage to land. a nice knee by Howie and then Howie caught Watson's body kicka nd did a running throw and right low kick combination from the catch. A left low kick by Howie was answered by a right low kick by Watson. In the clinch at the end of the round though Howie's knees were scoring far more.

The final round kept up the high pace of the last with both fighters kicking before Howie scored well with a right cross, left hook combination. Howie came forward now, blocking Watson's left high kick before holding on in the clinch and throwing lots knees. This was definitely Howie's round as he came forward with some nice running low kicks and throwing lots of knees in the clinch.

When the bell rang both fighters had given it their all and this was by far the best fight of the night. The judges scored the fight as a majority decision to Jordan Watson though the decision could have gone the other way some in the crowd felt.

Winner on points: Jordan Watson, Majority decision

Fight 8.A-class Full Thai Rules 5X3mins at 62kg
Liam "The Hitman" Harrison (Bad Company) v Ait Said (Holland)

Harrison looked relaxed and unfazed as Ait Said was the early aggressor in this fight. Ait Said opened with a left high kick which Harrison blocked followed by a teep which set up the range for an attempted jumping knee. Harrison weathered the storm by tieing Ait Said up in the clinch. From being seperated Ait Said's left jab right high kick were blocked. Ait Said continued to be the aggressor but Harrison turned him and threw him to the floor. Coming to his feet and coming forward Ait Said was caught by a good right elbow by Harrison in the clinch. Harrison's left high kick was then blocked and Ait Said tried a jumping knee that Harrison blocked before landing a kick. Ait Said came forward again with a 1, 2 and a left straight knee just missing. Harrison's own elbow missed before Ait Sid scored with a left inside low kick, 1, 2 straigh punch, left knee combination. Ait said definitely did more this round but everything he landed seemed to lack any real power and did not trouble Harrison.

A respectful touch of gloves before the fighters went straight into the clincha t the start of the second. Ait Said landed a left knee but Harrison then scored with a hard elbow. A left knee again from Ait Said and then a jumping knee from Ait Said just missed. Harrison stepped it up a hear with a jab, left body kick and then throwing Ait said twice to the floor. Harrison attempted a double left body kick, the first scoring the second being blocked. Harrison then stepped in with a well timed hard right cross that gave Ait Said an eight count. A left knee by Ait Said temporarily puts Harrison to the floor. Harrison steps in with a left jab, another following left jab catches Ait Said flush on the chin giving him a second eight count. Once the Dutchman regains his composure Harrison piled on the pressure resulting in another 8-count and the end of the contest.

Winner by 2nd round TKO: Liam Harrison

Fight 9.A-class Full Thai Rules 5X3mins at 55.5kg
Andy "The Punisher" Howson (Bad Company) v Eoghan Murphy (Ireland)

Howson opened with a right kick, Murphy replying with a jab. Howson then fired in well a 1, 2 low kick combination. Howson then caught Murphy's kick before the fighters went into the clinch. Separated Howson's initial body kick was blocked. then both at the same time both fighters scored with a left body kick from Howson and a right low kick by Murphy, twice! Howson then scored with a left low kick before Murphy blocked his follow up high kick. Howson then cleverly caught Murphy's body kick and landed a low kick of hsi own before throwing Murphy and stepping in with a left body kick. Howson then followed this up with a 1, 2 left hook. Murphy came back with a low kick followed by a body kick and then teeped Howson back to keep his range. Having set up hsi range Murphy tried a running low kick but Howson blocked it and stepped in to clinch and turn Murphy though his follow up body kick was blocked.
A left hook from Howson had Murphy to the floor but it was judged a slip and no count was given as Murphy jumped straight back to his feet. Murphy came forward with a 1,2 straight punch but Howson answered with a right body kick followed by a right cross. A left low from Murphy followed by a spinning elbow that missed was answered by a low kick from Howson that signalled the end of an action filled first round.

The second started with Howson testing his opponent with a high kick which Murphy calmly blocked. As Murphy tried a right low kick Howson made sure he was first with a left low kick. Both fighters then scored with low kicks before Howson stepped in with some hard straight punches pushing Murphy back. Murphy's only answer was a right low kick before Murphy landed an a kick accidentally to the groin. In the clinch Howson landed a right elbow that just nicked the top of Murphy's head. Harrison than landed a left hook as Murphy scored with a right low kick. Murphy's follow up body kick was however caught by Howson and he pushed Murphy off. Howson then scored with a 1, 2 body kick combination. As Howson followed up with a low kick Murphy threw one of his own but ended up on the floor. Howson then tried a 1, 2 high kick combination, hoping the variance on the kick would catch Murphy out. Murphy then jumped in with a right flying elbow that landed to Howson's head. Howson just grinned and gestured Murphy to come on!
Both fighters scored with low kicks before Howson came in with several straight punches followed by an elbow and then a teep to push Murphy back. Murphy came straight back at Howson with hard straight punches but none of them were landing. Hoson the stepped in with a kick and then another which was caught before both fighters went into the clinch to end the round.

Murphy knew he had a lot to do come the third round and made sure he was first to throw with a low kick that Howson blocked. A body left and then right were blocked by Howson and Muprhy came in with straights. Howson scored with a left body kick and then stepped off as Murphy's straight punches failed to connect. Again the fighters landed low kicks at the same time with Howson being the stronger and standing upright. Howson then scored with a 1, 2 right body kick, followed by a left low kick. Murphy answered with straight punches before going into the clinch and twice Howson missed with the elbow. Both fighters exchanged straight punches before Murphy complained of a kick to the groin from Howson's following low kick. Murphy recovered himself and then came in with 1, 2 straight punch again. Howson kicked hard and Muprhy had to pick himself up again. Howson then threw a 1,2 straight punch followed by a brilliant teep right to Murphy's face that gave him an eight count.
After the count Howson narrowly missed with a right cross and Murphy's only answer was a spinning elbow that Howson easily blocked. Murphy then scored with a well timed body kick before Howson landed a low kick. Murphy then came in with a 1, 2 straight punch just as the bell sounded.

Howson started the fourth with a left body kick. Murphy again tried straight punches that failed to connect. Howson now sensing the advantage with the count from the previous round looked for the jab to setup a hard left hook followed by a right body kick. Howson the piled in with a 1 ,2 straight punch followed by a right high kick that connected cleanly with the back of Murphy's neck and Murphy was unable to continue after the count due to injury.

Winner by 4th round TKO: Andrew Howson

Andy Howson's next fight will be against Simone Grenzi, the Italian Champion, on November 28th in Warrington

Fight 10.A-class Full Thai Rules 5X3mins at 63.5kg
Richard Cadden (Bad Company) v Sel Selder (Team Dekker)

After a very respectful ram muay by Richard Cadden the fight got underway. Cadden's initial teep was blocked and then Selder came in with a left low kick. Selder's high kick was then blocked in what was a typical slow opening first round for a full thai rules fight. Cadden's next teep was nearly caught and then Selder came in with a right low kick. Then again a right low from Selder followed by a left high. Selder then came in punching but Cadden just covered up and then went into the clinch. Cadden scored with some great right knees in the clinch and then just missed Selder with an elbow.
Cadden upped the pace slightly now with several jabs. There were some red marks on Caddens face though not sure what they were caused by as Selder had landed nothing clean. Selder came in with a low kick which Cadden blocked and then closed the distance well to throw an elbow combination, the second elbow of which connected cleanly and Selder was unable to beat the count. Another first round KO for Richard Cadden.

Winner by first round KO: Richard Cadden







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