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PRESS RELEASE March 2, 2001


Cable and Satellite television has long been the foster home for boxing and other combat sports neglected by Network television. American pay-channels like HBO and Showtime proffer tens of millions of dollars each year to bring the sweet science to loyal fight fans. Fans pay an average of between $20 and $40 a month just to get a glimpse of their favorite sport. Soon those fans can rejoice at the launch of "The Fight Channel", a 24-hour cable television station totally dedicated to the serious fight fan. "The Fight Channel" will broadcast boxing, wrestling, martial arts and International fighting competitions from around the world as well as produce original programming.

"The Fight Channel" will provide viewers with a timely 24 hour news service, covering all aspects of combat sports. "TFC" will produce original programming aimed at all ages. Talk shows, instructional programming, morning workout classes, documentaries and feature films that have a fighting theme will be broadcast on the new channel. "TFC" is even considering producing an animated series based on former combat legends.

"The Fight Channel" believes that after a few months, fans won't know how they lived with out 'TFC" and its one of a kind programming.

"I was shocked that no one had pulled it off earlier", admits "The Fight Channel's" founder and president Neil Antin. "About a year ago, a friend and I were initially interested in starting only a web page. I researched available URL's and to my surprise 'TheFightChannel.com' was still available, I then incorporated and trademarked TFC's name and logo. Before I knew it I was writing a business plan for a 24 hour digital cable television station and a supporting Internet site.

Considering the popularity of combat sports and the loyalty of its fans, it wasn't long before Antin and associates were getting calls from high-powered players wanting to get involved in TFC. "I've had calls and letters from politicians to movie stars, all wanting to lend their support to The Fight Channel."

"The Fight Channel" is still in its inception phase, but moves closer and closer to launch with every passing day. "The Golf Channel took 3 to 4 years to launch," said Antin. "After we get the proper funding, it shouldn't be more than year before 'TFC' is on the air. We expect to reach 20-30 million homes in the first year. The network should be available in Europe, Asia and the rest of the world soon after that."

Antin is a bit of an international entity himself. Born in England in 1956, his religious, "almost Orthodox" Jewish family moved to the States six months after Neil's birth. Antin's father was a graphic artist by trade and landed a lucrative job in the defense industry as a commercial artist. A young Neil Antin spent his early years growing up in California's San Fernando Valley.

Neil's first dream was to pursue a career as a pro-baseball player, "I could have gone pro if I dedicated myself." Instead of playing in the majors, Antin found himself working in Special Effects after a year at UCLA and almost as long traveling abroad. "I worked on films like 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Raging Bull' to name a few." But fiction didn't fuel Antin's thirst for adventure; soon he was working as a freelance cameraman and producer for ESPN, NBC and the fledgling Fox Network. "Television has led me to do everything from sail the high seas to explore third world prisons. I have spoken with every kind of person, from the lowliest criminal to leaders of the free world."

Though Antin is proud of meetings with Henry Kissinger and traveling in 1987 with David Langey former Prime Minister of New Zealand, it was another public figure that truly captured his imagination. "Meeting, befriending and spending time with Muhammad Ali, was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. In 1979 a friend of mine was doing custom work on Muhammad's home; I tagged a long on a whim. When Ali first saw me he said 'It's the great white hope', we both burst out laughing. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Ali often. We'd sit and talk, and then he would say let's do this or that, usually it was a drive in his Rolls Royce to perform magic tricks for the kids at Martin Luther King Hospital. It was a very special time." Ali told me one time he wanted to hitchhike around the world with no money, just get by on the good intentions of others. I said only he could pull that off.

Though "The Fight Channel" is Neil Antin's "baby" don't expect to se him crunching numbers behind a desk. "After we launch I'm not interested in handling the day-to-day operations, I would like to be Executive Producer of News or producing original material in China for The Fight Channel.

"The Fight Channel" has the support of "The Retired Boxers Foundation" as well as other businesses and organizations in the fighting and entertainment industry. For more information on "The Fight Channel" please E-mail your requests to "http://www.thefightchannel.com" or "nantin@thefightchannel.com".
Or E-mail: "neilantin@aol.com".





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