Liam Harrison wins world title
Naples Dec 4th

By Richard Smith (trainer of Liam Harrison)

Liam Harrison has just returned from Naples in Italy where he won the WAKO Pro World title under kickboxing rules.

Unfortunately his original opponent Massimo Rizzoli was injured so he was replaced with the recently crowned WAKO pro European Champion Emannuel Di Profetis who won the title a couple of weeks ago by KO. The fight was over 5x3 as the new WAKO pro kickboxing rules.

Liam had to dig deep for this one. The guy was a big punch and is a good boxer and had him under a lot of pressure at times. The change of rules made it hard for Liam as he couldnt tie him up in the clinch or knee or elbow. Liam scored well with his kicks from the outset and was marking Di Profetis leg and body in the first round, but was on the back foot a lot due to Profetis big punching style.

This was a classic boxer against a kicker fight and Liam had to be patient. By the third it was obvious that his kicks were having an effect but he was still being put under heavy pressure.

In the 4th Liam started to really take control and landed some fast combinations with some excellent kicks, the last of which resulted in Di Profetis turning away unable to stand on his leg any more.

Congratulations to him on a great win and on winning a world title!












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