Pajunsuk wins world title.

Top Thai fighter Pajunsuk, currently ranked at both Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium, won the WPKL world title in Holland on 21st MArch 2004 against Stephan Veselic.
Veselic himself is a true champion defending his title each year since he won the title from Simson. In last years WPKL title defence he Ko'd the infamous Sackmongkhol with a hard right elbow.

This year he defended his title against Pajunsuk, last years Lumpinee welterweight champion. In the first round Veselic went on the attack from the opening bell with some hard boxing combinations. Pajunsuk replied with some hard kicks.
In the second round both fighters had clearly decided they wanted a knockout and neither was here for a slow tactical points win. Veselic was catching Pajunsuk with punches and low kicks but Pajunsuk stood his ground replying with hard body kicks and even landing some high kicks.
In the thrid round Veselic again came forward, but as he went to engage Pajunsuk landed a hard high kick right across Veselic's face giving him an eight count. Veselic thought on and a kneed to veselic's face followed bar a hard kick again and again gave another eight count to Veselic.
Pajunsuk then stepped in close with some fast elbow combinations catching Veselic and the referee gave him a 10 count.
New WPKL 72.5kg world champion Pajunsuk of Thailand.


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