Anuwat Seminar

Anuwat & Khunpinit Kaewsamrit Seminar
(UK & Ireland)

Anuwat (four times Rajadamnern Sstadium Champion & Thailand's Fighter Of The Year, 2003, 2004) and Khunpinit (former two times Lumpini Stadium Champion) visited Keddles Gym, England in March 2005. They were accompanied by Anan the owner of Kaewsamrit and International co-ordinator Rob Cox.

This film shows the legend Anuwat Kaewsamrit demonstrating all aspects of muaythai with Khunpini Kaewsamrit and Anan Kaewsamrit. Not only will you see these great champions in action but also demonstrating to their audience the breakdown of each technique. Including punch techniques, kicking, knees, elbows, clinchwork, push kick and weapon superiority (which technique beats which).

This is a must see for all serious muaythai enthusiasts and collectors.



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